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yer  Водно (Македонија)

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  • Molvizar 10.Eki.2009

    Dear Shilo, this is exactly the trail I was planning for next weekend. Thank you so much, I was told over and again that there was no road from Vodno to Matka.
    However, I was looking for a shorter way getting down to the Monastery do you think it is possible?

  • shilo_bs 13.Eki.2009

    Im sorry for my late answer, but I didn't sow my mail until today. There was a shorter way from Vodno to Monastery St Andrea, which was going near the dam (the river was crossing by wooden bridge). but I didnt
    been there last 3 years. So I dont have a new informations.
    Have a nice trip!

  • Fotoğraf kispar

    kispar 17.Oca.2014

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    My second time was just espontaneos! The 1st of january of this 2014 year! starting so late, around 12 after the црекна нова party! I was not planning to go Matka, but was just so nice... arriving before the going down, just in the sunset! and see the pinks and yellows reflecting from the snow in the sky!

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