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yakınında: Yinas, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

MAKE SURE TO CHECK MY BLOG POST (LINK BELLOW) FOR ALL THE IMPORTANT DETAILS ABOUT THIS HIKE ( Wadi Naqab is a place like no other in the UAE. This is an intermediate level hike with part suitable for beginners.

Lots of bouldering along the way, seasonal pools, narrow gorge, steep climb up and down to ancient Al Sanat village. Some balconies and ledges, and ropes added for assistance-nothing major or technical but need to be taken into consideration.
NOTE1:Begginers skip WP3 and continue walking in the wadi till WP6. WP3-WP5 is a balcony walk with no clear path to climb down, so if not experienced, just stick to the wadi.

NOTE2: skip WP10 to WP12 and head from WP9 to WP13. There is a way to Al Sanat village at WP10, but it is not clear, and it is better first to complete wadi koob part and head up from the end of wadi Koob, and return back down from the village to WP10.

Click the link below to my post with all the details about this beautiful hike. From the app

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You can park even further ahead.
Ara nokta

WP 1- hike starting point

Starting point of the hike
Ara nokta


Some part of the trail now are marked with signs.
Ara nokta

WP3 - beginners continue straight following the wadi

We took the balcony on the left hand side and skipped lots of bouldering:)


Views from the balcony walk
Ara nokta

WP4 - some adventurous rock climbing

Nothing complicated but should be approached eith caution as there is no proper trail at this spot, you have to find your safe way around.
Ara nokta

WP5- start descending down here

From here we started decsending as it didnt look safe to continue hiking around the mountain face.
Ara nokta

WP 6-take balcony on the left

Look for the huge rock with arabic text in red, on your left you will see signs pointing to go higher up.
Ara nokta

WP 7-mountain staircase

Takes you to the higher balcony
Ara nokta

WP8- back down to the valley

Reaching the valley
Ara nokta

WP9 - hrad right where the tree is

To wadi Koob
Ara nokta

WP 10-skip and head to WP 13

This trail goes to Al sanat village but font take, there will a better way up.
Ara nokta

WP11-skip and head to WP13

This trail goes to Al sanat village but font take, there will a better way up.
Ara nokta

WP12-skip and head to WP 13

This trail goes to Al sanat village but font take, there will a better way up.
Ara nokta

WP 13-after wp9 this is on the left

You will aproach white big flat rocks, look for the way higher up on your left.
Ara nokta

WP 14-metal rope

This is to help you pass narrow ledge
Ara nokta

WP 15-UAE flag-pools start here

UAE flag, more good stuff after
Ara nokta

WP 16-head left side of the wadi on top of the rocks

Look for the way on your left
Ara nokta

WP 17-you have to crawl under rocks

Before you reach wadi koob with pools
Ara nokta

WP 18- pool with water-turn back for Al Sanat village climb

From here turn back, Al Sanat village climb starts in 200 meters
Ara nokta

WP 19-way for Al Sanat village

Use the ropes if needed
Ara nokta

WP 20-use ropes if needed

Looks scarier than it is
Ara nokta

WP 21-head up

Loose rocks and scree
Ara nokta

WP 22-more rocks

Path isnt defined
Ara nokta

WP23- head towards the tree

Here path is a bit more clear
Ara nokta

WP 24-follow donkey trails

Donkey trail

Photo-cairs on the way

A few cairns help navigate
Ara nokta

WP25-some more climb before the village

Almost in the village

Summit-Al Sanat village

Ara nokta

WP27-cross all the village to the other side

To reach the path down
Ara nokta

WP27-path down next to the ridge on the left

Head down, keeping thw ridgw with flag on the left
Ara nokta

WP28- reached the wadi, go left to complete the hike as you started

Going down tgis way was easier than finding the way up.

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  • JSIP 28.Şub.2021

    Bu rotayı takip ettim  Daha fazlasını göster

    I completed this trail in late February (the temperature started at 23° and finished at 27°). It was sunny but not extremely hot. I drank 2L of water. It took me 3:40 hrs (lunch break included).

    You can drive to the trailhead with a sedan.

    Very nice and accurate description about this trail. Plus, it was nicely marked all the way.

    There was just a little bit of water in the last pool of Wadi Koob. Overall, very beautiful hike!

  • Fotoğraf: Elie Abdo

    Elie Abdo 20.Mar.2021

    Bu rotayı takip ettim  doğrulanmış  Daha fazlasını göster

    Amazing trail

  • Fotoğraf: Mohammed Saleh

    Mohammed Saleh 24.Mar.2021

    Thanks for the heavy info, I'm really so excited to go this trail on weekend, .. 😆😆

  • Mynameismean 07.Nis.2021

    Dear Ausra...I am very excited to do this trail this weekend, but I am only going to do till the pink wall. How long did it take you to reach it?

  • Fotoğraf: Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 09.Nis.2021

    Hi Mynameismean, not sure what you call pink wall, but if that is the red/orange wall, then it will be a very short hike. Should not take more than an hour to reach it if you park as far as you car can reach by your car. It is even less probably (taken you are not going on a balcony that leads behind the red wall

  • Mynameismean 09.Nis.2021

    Oh yeah red wall 😄 Thank you for the info. Last question, is the first picture here the red wall?

  • Fotoğraf: Ausra Osi

    Ausra Osi 10.Nis.2021

    Hey Mynameismean, the first picture is inside wadi koob, you have to hike there quite a bit, with bouldering and passing through balconies on the mountain. Please read my blog post that I shared here for full details:

    If you only want to go to the red wall, then in this post I describe how to get there. Note that parking now is much closer than I previously indicated in my post (they dug the road in the wadi):

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