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yakınında: Ţayyibah, Fujairah (United Arab Emirates)

A less explored yet very beautiful area for hikes. Wadi Tayyibah can be discovered by 4x4 driving around 20km in the wadi, or by hiking.
There is a marked easy trail that starts from the Heritage museum. You can follow the signs.
We did not follow them exactly as they are. We explored randomly choosing our way up and down the rocky hills. Ended up on this amazing arched mountain, took some awesome videos of this Mars like landscape. Then went down to the other side, followed the valley and found some strange looking rock formations with tiny pools.
Basically you can make up your own path if you wish. Elevation of those hills is not too high but it can get pretty adventurous depending where you choose to go.
Some experience climbing rocky hills is necessary. If you are a newbe, stick to marked trail as our route is for the ones who are confident with UAE terain. There are no extreme drops, just some loose rocks and lots of grass and spikey bushes (wear long pants).

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Parked here

Park next to the mosque

Markings of the trail

Beginners should follow official signs
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Waypoint 1

We did not follow sihns and as adviced by a local, crossed the fence where his farthers farm is.





Waypoint 2

Following unmarked trails. There is no trail actually, we just makong our own way.
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Waypoint 3

Some small wadi
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Waypoint 4

Reached official trails

Waypoint 5 - Beautiful valley


Waypoint 6-Views from one of the hills

Climbed this without following any trail
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Waypoint 7

Reached valley again by climbing dow the hill from the other side
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Waypoint 8

Reached those weird rocks
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Waypoint 9

Came back to the main valley with hiking signs and followed them back to the parking.

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    Nikolaus E! 02.Şub.2021

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    We started, following this trail. Quite soon, we took a "wrong" turn and faced a little steep ascent with some loose rocks here and there. Nothing too serious, but just not a prepared trail.
    Reaching the (first) top, we found the trail and followed it for a while, until we crossed one of the hills to the next wadi. Again some rough terrain going down.
    This was repeating throughout our hike, but every challange was doable and the views were stunning.

    Great part of this hike: You will find some ruins gathering to what I would call the remainings of a village. According to one of our co-hikers, these might date back up to 200-300 years.

    We were a group with an age range of 9 - 50+. The rocky parts have to be taken with care, but it's not dangerous.

    As a conclusion: An area, perfect to stroll around. Keep an eye on your GPS, so you don't get lost.

    Finish that hike with a stay at the heritage museum. It's still partially under construction, but offers nice shaded places to sit and relax and review the day.

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