Ali Hasan

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yakınında: Zūbiyā, Irbid (Jordan)

Easy to follow, you go into the forest, then back up through the village.
Best time to do it, in winter after a rainy week, or on a cloudy day to enjoy the breathtaking view from the village.




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  • Fotoğraf: Iman ali

    Iman ali 24.Şub.2019

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    It was easy to follow using the gpx. In the return part of the loop,we may have gone off trail, we went uphill for a little bit-but eventually we got back on trail and there are some markers on the trail to help guide.

  • randa.snobar 16.Nis.2019

    Was it nice ? Do you recommend ?

  • Humam 16.Haz.2020

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    We took the trail in reverse, so we started by the village and went down the valley. We took the climb up through the forest. We felt this way is better since the tougher ascend was done at the beginning while we had the stamina in full. We were very pleased to find the second part of the trail (return path) to be almost completely shady with trees creating a canopy all the way. It was really an enjoyable trail

  • Fotoğraf: Muhammad Haddad

    Muhammad Haddad 02.Ağu.2020

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    I've done the trail!

    You start in a part of Jordan trail then you go so steep up through the village.

    Still considered one of the most fascinating trails I've been to in Jordan.

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