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yer Three Rocks, Oregon (United States)

This is an easy paddle on flatwater from near the ocean at a protected boat launch and dock at Knight County Park up a narrow, 50 metre down to 10 metre wide (150 feet down to 30 feet wide), salt/brackish/sweet-water section of the Salmon River that follows a valley to the east. It could be done by canoe, kayak, or paddleboard. At high tide and with very minimal water flow this year, we were able to paddle just over 3 nautical miles (4 statute miles/6 kilometres) up a winding river, under a Route 101 bridge, and finally in very shallow water to a nice beach landing for a rest before returning downstream an equal distance (plus a very short side trip). We had one tricky bit navigating through a large tree that had fallen into and over the river. This spot is noted. There was a nice passageway through the tree on river left as you head upstream. In higher water, this may be more difficult and may be an impenetrable obstacle. This is an active salmon spawning river with a hatchery just beyond where we ended the trip, and chinook were running under us as we paddled.

Salmon River


River Narrows


In the Shade


The Tree

Paddle under the north side of the tree (river left going upstream). The second picture is from the other side.
kamp alanı

Turnaround Point


Near the first bridge


Some Houses


River at its widest


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