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yer Tylerville, Queensland (Australia)

Although the majority of this trip consists of bushwalking, negotiating Lindsay's two tiers of cliffs could only be regarded as climbing. The trip itself is a serious undertaking and there have been fatalities on the route described. This trip should only be attempted by individuals who are not phased by both bush-bashing and exposure. Experience with descending 'Caves route' on Tibrogargan and any of the exposed ridges of Mt barney (not south ridge) are essential before attempting this trip. A rope of 60m is highly recommended to use to abseil back down on descent.

The best point of attack is from the Border Gate where the border fence can be followed for around 1km. There is an older fence which runs to the north of the border fence which should be followed where it diverges completely from the border fence (note that this fence diverges and converges with the border fence a number of times before leaving the border fence completely). Follow this old fence up the southern side of Mt Lindsay's western ridge until the fence disappears then bush bash through the lantana to the top of the ridgeline. This ridge can then be readily followed east using a faint footpad and the old fence which magically reappears at points. Upon reaching the western corner of Mt Lindsay contour along the base of the cliffs till you reach the eastern corner and the ascent gully up the first tier of cliffs. Note: If it takes any longer than two hours to reach the Western cliffs of Mt Lindsay you should consider turning back as it is unlikely you will return before dark.

The ascent up the first tier has multiple fixed ropes to assist but many of these are old and should not be trusted. Take care when ascending as you fill find that the rock on Lindsay is very crumbly and dead leaves from Casuarina trees make surfaces slippery at many points. Due to the exposed nature of the ascent form this point onwards there are many excellent views.

Upon reaching the top of the first tier of cliffs follow a track back westward to the second tier of cliffs. The best route up this tier is where the path first meets to cliffline and the first few moves are quite slabby and difficult. The second tier is much shorter than the first and soon you find yourself in rainforest and a short walk from the summit. There is a logbook here for parties to fill out when they arrive (its kept watertight in a suspended metal container).

When descending it is safest to abseil back down. This can be done using the built anchor points or natural anchors (trees) or a combination of the two, whichever appears to be the most trustworthy. A rope length of 60m will be sufficient to eliminate any need to scramble down parts of the first tier.

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  • Fotoğraf CB72

    CB72 21.Şub.2018

    Hi HC, fixed ropes left behind, especially in a place like that, is a very bad idea, almost like setting traps IMO. I'm still horrified to find such habit in place within bushwalkers. This gives a false sense of safety and security to unexperienced hikers/climbers. The group leader should bring gear up to make the party's ascent safe and remove all on descent, including pink ribbons on trees that can be misleading for other parties. I haven't done the wedding cake yet but to see the ropes hanging from that gully is a bit of an anticlimax. But otherwise looks like a good day out.

  • Fotoğraf HCastle

    HCastle 21.Şub.2018

    Yeah I would definitely agree with all of that. Some of the fixed ropes have been newly setup as well. Would definately be a mission to pull them all down.

  • Fotoğraf CB72

    CB72 21.Şub.2018

    Yes I imagine it would. I'm still surprised to see it is actually a current practice. BTW, I like your set of gpx logs. I will post some questions on other trips you did if you don't mind.

  • Fotoğraf HCastle

    HCastle 22.Şub.2018

    Yeah feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding my posted trips

  • antyWB 27.Nis.2018

    Hey HC, there're a few easier approaches to the base of the first tier cliffs than you've taken, but I'm reluctant to publicise them as I prefer not to make it too easy for people to visit the place. More people usually = more impact on enviro. :) P.

  • Fotoğraf gbagua

    gbagua 27.Mar.2019

    Hello, thanks for the detailed info. A couple of questions:

    1. How much tape is required to set up the raps?
    2. Are there any rap rings/maillons left by other parties?


  • Fotoğraf HCastle

    HCastle 28.Mar.2019

    I wouldn't trust any rings or mallions as the rock quality is so poor. There is lots of tape up there already so I'd be hesitant to recommend adding to the current clutter.

  • Fotoğraf gbagua

    gbagua 30.Mar.2019

    No worries. When I manage to get up there, I'll clean the whole mess up and leave brand new webbing with rap rings. Tape should be discarded after each use and replaced anew by the following climbing party. Kind of climbing etiquette. Further reading: https://www.climbing.com/skills/improvised-rappel-anchors/

  • Fotoğraf Martoe

    Martoe 28.Nis.2019

    Howdy - this hike takes you all the way to summit?

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