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yer  Hisarçandır, Antalya (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)

Lycian way (TV antenna section)
Need more fuel to continue on this track...
Lician way
Lician way 2
End of the drivable track... The Lycian Way continues for trekking...
TV Antenna

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  • Fotoğraf Mert_T

    Mert_T 05.Tem.2015

    As my first wikiloc track i messed it up a bit... :)
    To clear up the confusion please read the following commentary;
    I mistakenly started tracking where i turned back to the first signage. There is a decent off road track of the first signage picture. The track begins off the dirt road of the village... The track has some machinery palet marks, i assume they are opening up a forest road... That off road track requires offroading wheels and minimum of 20cm ground clearence...
    From the first signage to the second signage is a dirt road which is pretty easy to drive on... A 2wd can drive easily...
    The road to the TV antenna is pretty rough and will require decent ground clearance. It's a moderate off road as you can see on the photo... But not that hard... The track ends at the TV antenna structure. This track shall be followed with caution during or after rain or snow.
    I will try to trace it better next time... :)

  • Fotoğraf Bogdan H

    Bogdan H 31.Oca.2018

    Thanks, Mert! A lot of information! Looking forward to check the track!

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