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yer Ponte Buriano-Cincelli, Toscana (Italia)

WITH THE CAMPER IN HUNGARY 29th September We leave early and throughout the day the sun accompanies us during our journey to Hungary. We go beyond Venice, we head towards Austria to find a Panorama detail, those small little villages with flat houses with sloping roofs and colorful and full windows of flowers. Every small country receives with its everywhere it teaches that remembers the place where we find ourselves and of so many and so many flowers to us. Even the flowery bus stops look like a garden, and when we get to our goal, we also notice the small flowers used in the bridges to cross small torrents. I am seventeen years old when we arrive at the campsite where we will spend the evening. We organize ourselves on the campsite in Klagenfurt, on the sides of its lake, in a beautiful meadow. Before dinner we take a long walk along the lake waiting for the sunset. September 30th The morning before leaving we are greeted by some hares that we have photography, then leave for Hungary. Along the way, before crossing the border, we take coffee breaks. That mistake - which will never be repeated: the two longest coffees with less milk and some biscorch of the place, but very difficult that son there seemed pebbles. ... And the price? 4 euros! We hardly notice that we cross the border very much the panorama is similar, only that the houses, always small and with sloping roofs, are more modest, without flowers and almost all have small agricultural annexes. At the first distributor we will make the transition from being able to pay Hungarians from now on with Fiorini rather than the euro. It's still full daylight, so we have all the time we need to visit, before going out to look for the campsite, Keszthely Castle. We park right in front of the castle and we are even closer to the center, we enter the well-kept garden, finally we go to visit, inside the famous library that includes over 100,000 volumes. Project of a huge room completely covered with shelves of inlaid precious wood. A custodian of the castle understands that we are Italian and, knowing a word, he explains the importance of the library and then accompanies us to other rooms that we could not have otherwise seen. I am eighteen, we go to spend the night in the beautiful campsite right on the shore of the most famous thermal lake of the. In front of us, at the campsite, there is a small river of radioactive water at thirty-eight degrees, completely covered with more colorful water lilies, crossed in several parts by those small bridges. PHOTOS: http://www.conilcamper.it/sito/Album_Ungheria/Album_Ungheria.html THE VIDEOS: http://www.conilcamper.it/sito/Video_HU_08.html


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