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What do you get with Wikiloc ORG?

If you are an organization and you want to try or need to promote your routes upgrade your account to Wikiloc ORG and we’ll promote your trails to the community, you will have your own map with your routes, advanced statistics and much more!

Promotion of your trails

After upgrading to an ORG account you’ll get more visibility within the Wikiloc community and we will promote your user profile to anyone interested in trails like yours.

You can choose between two types of promotions:


Your profile and trails promoted to users around the world looking for routes in the local area around your own (e.g. Trails in Yosemite Valley)


Your profile and routes promoted to users from all over the world looking for routes in a local and regional area around your own (e.g. Trails within California)

Your own public map of trails

You will have your own map of trails where visitors will be able to discover and explore your routes on the Wikiloc's main map.

Filter your trails and get the permanent links (URLs) to highlight, for example, routes of a specific type or in a certain zone. Ideal for publications or to share links that feature a subset of your routes.


Discover the interest of the community in your trails: which are the most popular, who has marked them as favorites, the number of times they have been seen, highlighted or downloaded and the country of origin of the visits. You will receive a monthly email with a summary of your stats.

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