Albert Garcia Miralles

Albert Garcia Miralles


Adventurer, not a conformist guy, easy going and eager to learn.

I have lived my teenage life in Barcelona, I left for a 6 months erasmus and that triggered something inside that made me live in 5 different country for the next 6 years. Indian was special for me, I lived in a rural area helping a local community working on different projects where I stayed for 1 year. Currently I live in Madrid as Project Manager for renewable energy projects, I also founded an NGO called SunNomads which aims to install photovoltaic systems where most needed.

I play all the sport I can, currently: wakeboarding, surf, roller-hockey, ski, kickboxing etc....

I'm going one month to Costa Rica in December 2019 and after that I hope I can travel more often. I plan to travel cycling, for my first time :)

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