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yer  Polūr, Māzandarān (Iran)

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  • Fotoğraf hosein mehrasa

    hosein mehrasa 02.Eyl.2012

    point "polur" to "offroad exit" is normal road,
    in point "offroad exit" there is a board that you shoud exit from main road and go to offroad
    in path there is 2 crossing,in both of them go to left,
    and the end you reach the parking area that you should park your car and start climbing
    from "parking" point to simorgh shelter ia about 3-4 hours
    from simorgh shelter to the peak is about 7-9 hours
    I will be glad if Ican help you,

  • Fotoğraf cagatay

    cagatay 01.Eki.2012

    hello Hosein, I hope I can reach you today :) the next day after tomorrow I am coming to Tehran (I will be there at friday morning) Which is the easiest and safest route to the summit? this route seems ok. Did you record this track with gps?
    Am I supposed to pay anything (like an entrance fee) to anyone while entering the mountain?
    Last question, I won't bring any gas canister with me. I don't want any trouble at customs. Where can I find Outdoor Gear Shop in Tehran?

  • Fotoğraf hosein mehrasa

    hosein mehrasa 02.Eki.2012

    hi dear cagatay,
    it's my pleasure if I can help you.
    1) the easiest way to peak damavand is south route,but there is two things,first of all there is a sulfur pollution in this side that is bothering and make it hard to breath
    second,the route is not beautiful,it's just climbing....
    but it's very usual and common for one, who wants only to reach the peak.....
    the west side that is here is somewhat difficult as you should climb in more time,but it's very very nice in view....
    you can see the pictures in my Facebook profile.
    in my opinion it's very nice if you climb up from west side and come down from south.......depend on you...
    2) you shouldn't pay any fee for this mount. :)
    but you should pay for renting 4wD car to ride you from the main road to climbing start area which is about 10 - 15 USD.
    3)I record this track with my gps.(Garmin vista-hcx)
    4)of course there are many shops in tehran for getting technical things,one of my best friend has climbing shop,that I can ride you there(www.koohshop.com)
    5)Friday is holiday in Iran,so most shops are closed,
    if you want I can get whatever you want or I can give mines to you.
    at the end when you come to Tehran just call me I'll be glad if I can help you

  • Fotoğraf cagatay

    cagatay 02.Eki.2012

    Thank you so much for your kind and fast reply. I have couple hours left to take the bus :) and then train (hopefully I can find ticket).
    *I will ascent using your route but descent from another side. According to your suggestions there is a beautiful view in west side.. then descending from west while viewing the beautiful surroundings seems like a great idea.
    *Do you have garmin topo map for Iran? especially for the Damavand area? if not, that's not a problem, it is not that necessary.
    *I am planning to walk to the summit from Polur. I don't want to take a car ride because I didn't walk even 1000 meters for 3 months. I have to warm my legs :) and get used to the atmosphere. I am 103 kgs at the moment (damn kebabs and baklavas!!) I will make the first obese ascent in Damavand !!
    *your friend's shop is in Sadeghieh Shopping center which is at Fattahi. I only need 2 gas canisters, but I will make the shopping on Saturday. I think it will be opened on saturday.

    The legendary Persian hospitality showed its face even before I come to Iran. Thank you a lot. I will try to buy a sim card in Tehran. If I manage to buy it, I can call you. So please leave your number here (or mail belgen77@gmail.com) please.
    Kind Regards,

  • Fotoğraf hosein mehrasa

    hosein mehrasa 03.Eki.2012

    dear cagatay.
    I'm waiting for you,
    I buy two gas canisters with one iran sim card for you,
    when you arrive Tehran just ask the reception to call me or send me a sms that mention your hotel or address
    here is my cell phone number
    for calling from abroad:(+98) 9126088739
    for calling in Iran: 09126088739

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