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Moving time  2 saat 41 dakika

süre  4 saat 3 dakika

Koordinat sayısı 2022

Uploaded 28 Ocak 2018 Pazar

Recorded Ocak 2018

302 m
74 m
11,65 km

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yer  Dedeler, Muğla (Türkiye)

Derekoy to Old ruin city in Yalikavak
  • Fotoğraf Photo
  • Fotoğraf Narrow path, left after solar plant
  • Fotoğraf Smaller path. Hard trail for bikes from now on.
You can probably slowly drive all the way up to this point, but from this point on it is pretty hard for bikes. There are places where you'll have to carry your bike on your shoulders, not for a long distance thought. Doable.
  • Fotoğraf Car pick up point
  • Fotoğraf Sheppard's refuge. Great bibac places
  • Fotoğraf Car pick up point.
  • Fotoğraf Mirador
  • Fotoğraf Right from main path, no bikes after this point
  • Fotoğraf Old ruin city
  • Fotoğraf Car pick up point
  • Fotoğraf Unmarked, unexplored paths on the left bank side
  • Fotoğraf The magic bus
  • Fotoğraf Dedeler

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  • Fotoğraf Kara Papas

    Kara Papas 30.Oca.2018

    Very enjoyable and highly recomendable path. Pretty easy and available to all family members (might be not for kids under 10).
    Warning: The paths that gives access to the Leleg Yolu are surrounded by honey hives, so it may not be wise for allergic people to follow this track in Spring or Summer.

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