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yer Qianxiaojie, Jilin (China)

The Jinghuetan National Scenic Area is a high-rank National Level attraction, similar in rank to Huangshan. This walking track only covers a small part near the entrance, including the dam. This walking track was recorded in late December 2018, on a sunny day with approx minus 25 degree centigrade temperatures. Like most accessible scenic locations in China, there was an admission fee.

There is also a ski area on the south side of the reservoir (not on this track) with an annual international (nordic?) skiing festival. In accordance with the skiing theme, new residentail developments close to the Park entrance are named "Whistler Village" and "Banff". In summer the road around the reservoir is said to be a popular drive for Changchun residents, and boat tours run from the north end of dam.

The Jingyue dam and reservoir was built during the 1930's Manchuko Regime of NE China, when the Manchuria capital was at Weihuanggong ("Fake Emperor Palace"), Changchun City.

It's easiest to view the route using the "Open Street" or "Open Cycle" Maps available in Wikiloc. The default Google Map doesn't work in China or is not properly geo-referenced (apparently an unresolved issue between Google and China). There is also a Jilin Province free Wikiloc map download, which facilitates navigation and the recording of new Wikilocs in the Province.

Entrance to Park

Buy tickets and pass turnstyles in building to north of the gate. Walking paths and quiet roads lead to the small lakes below the dam.

Lake paths below the dam

Thre is a temple complex on the hillside above the lake, not visited on the day.

Frozen lakes

Lots of tracks, but no people out on the ice on the cold windy day.

At base of the reservoir dam

Small forest paths approach the base of dam. These winter paths through a snow covered frozen forest may not be the same as the official summer paths.

On the Reservoir Dam

An airforce hiking group was also following these paths on the day, and having a lot of fun.
mooring point

Cruise Boat Docks

Reservoir boat tours available here in the summer.

Monument and stairs to hilltop bell platform.

The hilltop bell platform at top of stairs probably offers good views over the forest reserve. The stairs and hilltop were omitted from this track on the -26 deg C day of recording.


Walking trails around the shores of the small lakes. This must be a very pleasant place to linger in the summer and autumn.


Large monument stone is a thin-bedded sandsone-siltstone, and has a meaningful inscription.


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