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yer Insadong, Seoul (South Korea)

Starting at Anguk Subway Station (Orange Line), the track goes East to the Changdeokgung Palace and Gardens (Admission Fees). This is a secondary Palace of the Joseon Dynasty, first built in 1405 and rebuilt after in 1610. A good part of a day could be spend walking around the Palace and garden areas.

The track proceeds to a hilly area of traditional architecture to the west of the Palace grounds. There are lots of attractions in small streets around this area.

The route then goes downhill and connects with the Insadong Market Street. This has a very different character than more traditional Korean market areas farther to the east, having more art and boutique high-fashion shops. Foreign tourists are abundant here.
Restaurant prices are much higher than in the food alleys to the north east and east of Tapgol Park.
Closest station to the Palace.
Admission fee paid here.
An additional small admission payable to continue further into the grounds.
Hilly area with small shops, lots of attractions on back streets.
also, posted photos in the Insadong tourist shopping area to south of here.


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