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yer Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Walking - Ouro Preto. This UNESCO World Heritage site had developed to become the most important town of Minas Gerais during the gold rush age, connected to the distant commercial port of Paraty by the Estrada Real. Revolutionary ideas that took shape here didn't go too far and basically ended with the execution of the leader, Tiradentes, on the gallows in the homonym main square. The historical city center hasn't changed much since and features fine examples of Baroque style buildings and churches.
Free-admission Casa dos Contos, where gold tax was collected, is an interesting building and museum.
It's also worth seeing the Mina da Passagem, the most generous gold mine in the entire area, which still holds gold although too costly to be extracted. From Ouro Preto's main square, Praça Tiradentes, take the bus to Mariana and stop just west of the nearby town of Mariana, a small but well preserved historical town.

This track starts from the Rodoviaria bus terminal.
Waypoint for the Mina da Passagem.

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