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yakınında: Káto Páfos, Eparchía Páfou (Cyprus)

The Swim
• 1.9km in the Paphos (2 laps of 950m each)– Municipal baths beach.
• In recent years, the water temperature at the starting point in November has been between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius.
• The swim will begin with a deep water start.

Wetsuit rules
The temperature of water will be measured at race morning, and announced 60 min pre -start. Please observe the following regulations regarding usage of wetsuit:
• Over 23 Celsius the use of wetsuits are forbidden and
• Below 15 Celsius the use of wetsuits are obligatory

Transition 1 (T1)
T1 area is located at the wooden deck in the area of Mpania in Pafos. In T1 only athletes and one supported for each athlete are allowed.
Entering the transition area the triathletes can run or walk towards their respective bike and must wear their cycling helmets, fastened their strap before they pick their bikes and must wear a top - (NO BARE TORSOS ALLOWED). No riding is allowed in the T area and athletes must push their bike up to the clearly marked MOUNTING LINE.
T1 Opens at 5:30 am for bike placement. Athletes and one (1) support person per athlete only are allowed in the transition area. Last bike entry in the transition area can take place up until 6:15 am. Before departing for the bike leg, athletes or their supporters must put their personal belongings in a plastic bag that will be supplied by the organizers. Supporters only may take the athletes belongings. The T1 area will be guarded 30 minutes after last athlete got out of the T1 area. After that T1 will be left un-attended and there will be no guarding, therefore no safety for your belongings. Organizers will not be held liable for any losses or damages.

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