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yer Lukovë, Vlorë (Albania)

Albania is deemed an insider tip around the Mediterranean Sea. Wilderness, solitude and a lot of bunkers. We were excited.

The trail offers a beautiful, remote route along the southern Albanian coast. There are possibilities to rest or stay overnight. Emergency exits are difficult to reach, Therefore an arrangement with the diving base in Sarandë is inevitable. In case of unforeseen circumstances, help can be called immediately. The underwater world is partly rich in fish and changes between sand, seagrass, and cliffs.

The short walk to Sarandë is shaped by different grazing animals and rough nature, the beautiful view to Greece and the passing of Sarandë`s suburbs round up this trail. Merely the exit in the final bay was a small drop of bitterness because of the bad water quality. In April we didn’t notice much boat traffic, the tourism has been limited, instead, Albania entices with temperatures up to 35 °C. Springtime or autumn seems to be perfect for a trail without overfilled beaches and infinite traffic jams on the highway.


A Sunken boat probably from the military, lying in about 10-15 meters.

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